Who We Are

We are three agencies with one mission: help our education partners, students and families achieve their goals. KHEAA, KHESLC and ARC have more than 50 years' experience making goals a reality. In that time, we've remained committed to our mission, our customer service and our professional and ethical conduct. We also pride ourselves on our respect and advocacy for our stakeholders and employees. Our agencies are also committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion.
KHEAA is the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, a state agency established in 1966 to improve students’ access to higher education. We offer FAFSA verification and student default prevention services to higher education institutions across the country. KHEAA also provides state aid such as the Kentucky Education Excellence Scholarship (KEES) program, the College Access Program Grant (CAP), the Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG) and other scholarship, grant and work-study programs.
KHESLC is the Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation, an independent public agency created in 1978 to finance, make, purchase, service and collect student loans. We offer Advantage Education Loans to students and parents, as well as Advantage Refinance Loans to borrowers already in repayment.
ARC is the Asset Resolution Corporation, which was created by Kentucky Revised Statute in July 2012 to provide debt resolution services for student loan obligations.